Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Few Basic Social Work Concepts One is Likely to See on a Licensure Examination

The following is a very brief list of a few very basic social work concepts one is likely to see on a licensure examination.
A list of types of questions where one might try to experiment with the following basic concepts is also available at this site.
Regardless of which examination one is planning to take, she or he should probably have a working knowledge of the following basic concepts, among others:

  • Multi axial Diagnosis.
  • Levels of Substance Related Disorders (use, abuse, addiction,dependency, recovery and relapse).
  • Chain of Command and Professional Courtesy.
  • Confidentiality versus Anonymity.
  • Rights versus Entitlements and Privileges.
  • Psychopathology versus Sociopathy.
  • Behavioral versus Cognitive versus Humanistic versus other types of therapy.
  • Human Development (phases, stages etc...).
  • Communication Styles (Assertive, Aggressive, Passive).
  • Culturally Competent Practice.

Some additional basic social work concepts and terms can be found here.


  1. The discussions were centralized around the topics of comparing the national welfare systems for drug prevention and rehabilitation. Interesting was also to compare the current status of drug related problems between countries clinical psychology degree programs

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